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Plumbing Problems – Is it Really an Emergency?


It can be very problematic when you are faced with plumbing problems, especially when it happens during the night. But before you make the judgment if it really is an emergency, you have to check it out first whether it really needs the services of Chicago emergency plumbing. The most tempting situations to call emergency is during the night and you just don’t want to pay the cost of their service when the problem is not as serious as you thought out to be.


Here are some questions to ask yourself whether or not you truly need the services of Chicago emergency plumbing.


Can it wait?

Before you decide to call emergency repairs, you think about whether the problem can wait. This sounds so easy, but it can be tricky to figure it out. But the set of questions below will help you get a clearer idea if you really need the emergency service right away.


Does the affected plumbing need to be used right away? If there is a water leak in the basement that will not just stop, it is obvious that it can’t hold off until the regular hours of your business. However, if you’ve got a broken sink or toilet and you feel that you can avoid using it or that the leak is minor and it can be shut off from the water valve, you should just wait. You should also consider environmental factors here – if it’s summer and you need the water badly, or the temperature is so cold that you are concerned about burst or frozen pipes, then it is best you call for the Chicago emergency plumbing repairs service.


You might be able to shut off the water by yourself. Do you know where the shutoff valve is located? Do you feel comfortable about doing it yourself? If there are two shutoffs and both are mains, do you need to shut off both? If you think you can shut the flow of water on your own, the emergency calls can wait until morning. But if you can’t turn off the mains because it is impossible for you, that’s the time to call for their help.


There is also the issue whether leaving the problem alone can worsen or cause more damage. Even when you can’t shut off the mains, are you able to mitigate the damage that it can get you through the next day? Rags, buckets and many other stopgap methods can be utilized in order to slow up the leak. However, you should never leave the problem unfixed because you are afraid of the repair costs when you call for the aid of Chicago emergency plumbing. Many think about this because there is a high chance of collateral damage. Think about it – a serious leak found in the bathroom can affect other areas of the home, particularly the rooms adjoining it.


It is your sole responsibility to oversee whether your current situation really does need for emergency repairs. The tips above will aid you whether or not you really need it badly.