smoke restoration damage in chicago is best handled by professionals

Minutes after the disaster

Right after the fire, the residue of soot will settle on your property. Discoloration will start forming on porous materials. What’s more, expect it to be permanent, too. However, there are other surfaces that can be cleaned properly and remove its discoloration. Acidic soot starts staining other types of surfaces if they are not treated right away.


Within the hours after the fire, the surfaces will start suffering from the smoke and fire damage. If you own wooden furniture, it may require some refinishing. Metallic materials will start pit, rust then corrode. Your painted walls will discolor as well, starting from yellow. Don’t expect too much from your clothing as they will be permanently stained as well. And the flooring may need either replacement or refinishing, depending on the damage.


What happens when they are left untreated?

The longer you leave the treatment on your property, just within the weeks, the process of restoration can take longer. Expect higher costs in paying for the professional smoke damage restoration Chicago firms, too. Prolonged exposure to soot can permanently harm all the surfaces and even go deeper by embedding itself on the fibers. Replacement did on the belongings or the property itself will be considered at this point. It will become so if the extent of the damage is beyond repair.


The experts working on smoke damage restoration Chicago suggests to do the following after the fire incident:

  • Always prioritize safety first. Avoid entering property without the right protective gear and the right respiratory protection. Exposure to soot residue can actually cause a lot of respiratory distress or any other medical emergencies.
  • You should prepare a couple of box fans. When you enter your property, make sure you open the windows and then place the box fans in it. This will force out the contaminated dust and air inside.
  • Remove all loose contamination of smoke by using a professional soot sponge.
  • Clean each surface you see with water and soap.